Resources for young people


I don't feel quite right.

Everybody at some point in their life will feel scared, anxious, sad, upset, angry, alone and so much more.

That's why we have put together a small collection of resources which have helped us and thousands of other young people when they don't feel quite right.

Not all of these resources will be helpful to you. But that's part of life, finding the things that you like and that are helpful. So explore and discover until you find the perfect way of dealing with life when you feel worried, overwhelmed or upset. 

And remember that no matter how you're feeling, there is always someone there to speak to if you need  to.

Urgent Help

If you need to speak to someone straight away

mental health & wellbeing apps we love

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
Cove: music for mental health
Super Easy Journal with Stats
Depression & Anxiety Support
Emotional Health Assistant
Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety