One to one support is at the heart of our services.

Childline has received an increase of 36% in the last 4 years and due to increasing pressure on CAMHS, and only one in four children with a diagnosable mental health problem are accessing appropriate treatment.

We offer confidential, non-judgmental one-to-one wellbeing sessions to children and young people facing challenges.

How does it work?

We discuss with the pastoral support staff in the school and develop a framework which fits the school's existing infastructure.

We then advertise our services to all staff and pupils at the school and ensure they know it is available and how they can access/refer these sessions. 

Complete School Wellbeing Package

This is a key part of our Complete School Wellbeing Package. 

Want to know more about it?

why 1-2-1 support?

Meet the mental and emotional health and wellbeing need of your school

The demand for support is increasing exponentially in schools right across the country and without appropriate intervention, the problems and issues will only worsen.

We must meet the demand through early intervention and prevention by giving children and young people a platform to discuss their problems before more serious mental health problems develop.

Bespoke sessions which gives children and young people the tools for positive mental health

Our wellbeing sessions can last from 15 minutes up to an hour and we work with the child to identify roots of problems, triggers, issues and then work with them collaboratively to find the best approaches of dealing with them.

We put the tools in the hands of the students, so they can strive for better mental health and wellbeing whilst also having a support they know and trust.

Appropriate and effective support for mental health, bereavment, bullying & behaviour problems.

80% of students say exam pressure has significantly impacted on their mental health. 90% of school leaders have reported an increase in anxiety & stress.

Childhood and adolescence is incredibly important to mental health. 75% of all mental health problems stem from childhood and this can be avoided with swift and effective early intervention.

We work within the pastoral care team to ensure that all students are receiving the support and care they need.

Improve attainment, attendance, behaviour and the desire to learn.

We rigorously track and analyse the progress of the children and young people we work with through key performance indicators and questionnaires.

We have found time and time again that these key indicators in children accessing one to one support increase over time. 

Our wellbeing advisers equip children and young people with the skills and tools to deal with their own mental health and wellbeing which allows them to grow as people and develop positive habits.