When we consider a child's mental and emotional health and wellbeing, it's not only them we have to consider but their support network, home life, parents/guardians and people of significant influence such as teachers.

Parents and carers have told us that they want to help but they sometimes don't know how or who to speak to.  

On top of this, a study has shown 66% of parent/guardians with a child with mental health problems have reported that waiting times for support was concerning and 49% of parents said that agencies they were referred to didn't believe what they were saying.

We provide direct, informative and confidential support to parents through:

- A dedicated out-of-school-hours helpline

- One-to-one support sessions for parents/guardians that need it.

- Information/Awareness evenings for parents/guardians throughout the academic year.

Parents have told us that our parent/guardian support has:

1. Helped them understand about mental and emotional health and wellbeing and the services available for children and young people facing challenges.

2. Directly delivered effective resources which can help them manage their child's emotional wellbeing.

3.  Empowered them to approach supporting their children and dealing with their mental health concerns.

4. Created a parent/guardian community in which parents and carers can share and learn from their own experiences and approaches.

5. Broken down the stigma around mental health and shown them the benefits of our services as well as other external services such as CAMHS.

Complete School Wellbeing Package

This is a key part of our Complete School Wellbeing Package. 

Want to know more?

why have a parent/guardian support system?

Involve parents in your Emotional Health and Wellbeing Approach

Parents/guardians want to be involved with their child's progress as much as possible. 

We not only offer this in a non-invasive and confidential way, but we can also set appropriate boundaries for parents who have children and young people accessing  mental health support.

Ensure appropriate and effective external support is in place

Parents and guardians may want to get in touch out of school hours which is understandably difficult for teachers and staff.

Our helpline and support structure gives parents the support they need when they need it.

Relieve stress and pressure of teachers and staff

Teachers and staff are doing an incredible job under increasing amounts of pressure.

However, 93% of teachers report that stress affects the way they interact with pupils and only 32% feel they have received adequate mental health training.

We're here to support your staff and finding strategies and solutions whilst also relieving their workload.

Improving Parent/Guardian Mental Health has a knock on effect

Recent studies have shown a child's mental health is significantly reflected by those who surround them.

We support parents with their own mental health and wellbeing and try to encourage positive mental and emotional health and wellbeing within heir own households.