how does it work?

Peer mentoring is becoming an ever more prominent approach to promoting positive mental and emotional health and wellbeing within schools.

Our programme aims to: 

- Create a positive school approach to mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

- Provide essential preventative support for students facing challenges at school and home.

- Increase mental health and knowledge for students and safe

- Allow children and young people to develop confidence, empathy and resilience by providing effective peer support,

We begin the process by collaborating with your school's pastoral staff and setting up an all year round programme.

Training aims to ensure that this provision is effectively delivered within your school. 

Key elements of that training for young people are:

- Managing emotions

- Building relationships

- Role-play, supported by staff (e.g. modelling the use of open questions, active listening, supportive body       language, therapeutic story telling)

- Mental health awareness

- Safeguarding awareness and reporting

- Leadership and team working.

Complete School Wellbeing Package

This is a key part of our Complete School Wellbeing Package. 

Want to know more about it?

why peer mentoring?

Develop confident and empathetic students

2/3 of students who have taken part in peer mentoring reported that it helped their listening and understand skills. 

Just over half said it also improved their understanding of mental health.

To meet the mental & emotional health and wellbeing support need within your school

90% of secondary school students want mental health and wellbeing to be more important in their school and 58% of students see a teacher due to thoughts, feelings and behaviour every school year.

Be a leader in emotional health and wellbeing

With the rapidly increasing demand for support in schools rising, its important that schools adapt and implement effective supervision. 

Currently 56% of secondary schools  in the UK showed no evidence of effective support to promote mental health. 

Only 32% of schools currently have a peer support programme in place.

Effective Y6 to Y7 Transition Tool

The transition between primary and secondary education is becoming a huge concern for students, parents and staff alike. 

With a peer mentoring support programme at your school, you can provide effective support to new students who need it most which prevents further problems in attainment, attendance and behaviour further down the line.