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At Invictus Wellbeing Services, we understand that mental health provision is constantly being updated, changed and adapted. We want to be pioneers in our field and that's why we work collaboratively with organisations across the country.

We always keep up to date with reports, publications and articles which help us to understand the problems and issues in our communities but also the best solutions and approaches to tackle them.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of the issues raised below:

KEy publications


Young Minds - Impact of COVID-19 on young people's mental health: results of a survey (2020)

Young Minds recently carried out a survey during lockdown with parents and carers on how coronavirus has affected their children and young people's mental health

The Guardian - Child mental health was in crisis before Covid-19. We can't go back to normal (2020)

An article by Sarah Johnson of the Guardian on how we must adapt and change the way we approach children and adolescent's mental health during and after Coronavirus.

The Guardian - One in four youths with mental health issues cannot get help during lockdown (2020)

Denis Campbell from the Guardian talks about the challenges that Coronavirus has thrown at mental health services and the overwhelming need for more early intervention services.

Wise Up - Prioritising Wellbeing in Schools (2017)

An article written by Young Minds and the National Bureau on the role of schools and other services on promoting health and wellbeing within them. 

DfE - Evaluation of the Peer Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing Pilots (2020)

Research Report conducted by the Department for Education on the impact of peer mentoring and peer support programmes on schools and student mental health and emotional wellbeing  across the UK.


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