workshops & Training


Invictus Wellbeing Services offer a variety of workshops and training which can help and support staff and teachers, parents & guardians and ultimately, students. We want everyone involved at a school to have a better understanding of mental health and how we can help support ourselves and each other through difficult times and challenges.

Why Workshops and Training?

- 90% of secondary school students want mental health and wellbeing to be more important in their school 

- Only 32% of teachers feel they have received adequate mental health training at their school.

Invictus takes a whole school approach to mental and emotional health and wellbeing support. We want to ensure that everybody involved with that school has a better understanding of mental health, the support they need  and that a positive, sustainable culture of positive mental health runs throughout the entire school.

"Partnering with Invictus means that we are able to draw upon a wealth of expertise and experience"

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Bradford